Tickets to the sky

Ilustrations with Isolina Lages and Francisco Chinita

2015, from 7th to 25th March, Municipal Museum of Photography João Carpinteiro, Elvas
2015, from 8th April to 9th May, Public Library of Évora
2015, from 17th to 31st July, Imargem, Association of Plastic Artists of Almada

Mu neighbour's chicken with "flowers of fire"


2014, from 6 to 14th March, S. Vicente Church, Évora

Blue Utopy - visions submersed in blue

2013, from 8th to 30th November, Training and Cultural Animation Workshops, Aljustrel

Blue Utopy - The look of the child facing the future

2012, from 4th to 29th February, Foyer of José Lúcio da Silva Theater, Leiria

Blue Utopy - Collective Exhibition of Arts

2011, from 2nd to 31st July, Municipal Museum of Photography João Carpinteiro, Elvas
2010, from 6th November to 6th December, D. Manuel Palace, Évora


2010, 23rd June – Biology Day, Pavilion of the University of Évora, S. João Fair 2010, Évora
2010 from 24th June to 4th July, CEBE's Stand, Youth Space, S. João Fair 2010, Évora

April Rivers

"Blue Utopy" Stand of Mathilde Amberger

2008, from 29th May to 1st June, XVI Iberian Fair of the Pottery and the Clay, Salvatierra de los Barros

Collective Exhibition

V Évora International Imprint Festival

2007 from 13th July to 12th August, D. Manuel Palace, Évora

Collective Exhibition of the Association of Engravers of Évora

2007 from 2nd to 20th March, Gallery 21, Évora
2007 from 16th June to 30th August, Até Jazz Café, Estremoz

La Collecte - Le Chiffre deux

International traveling exhibition, curated by Joann Lanneville

2006-2004 Atelier Presse Papier, Quebec, Canada

Imprints, Collective exhibition of the Association of Engravers of Évora

2004 from 27th November to 12th December, Pró-Évora Group Headquarters, Évora

IV Évora International Imprint Festival

2004, from 1st to 31st August, Regional Delegation of Culture of Alentejo, Évora

International collective exhibition of arts ROT6

2003, from 12th to 21st July, Castelo Branco
2003, from 12th to 22nd September, Portalegre
2003, from 2nd to 13th October, Cáceres
2003, from 16th to 27th de October, Mérida
2003, from 30th October to 10th de November, Badajoz
2003, from 14th to 24th November, Évora

Imprints collective exhibition

2000 from 11th to 18th March, Teoartis Gallery, Évora

Attended informally the subject of Introduction to Sculpture taught by Ana Isabel Correia, a degree in Visual Arts at the University of Évora in the academic year 2002-2003. The following year, attended and obtained approval in the annual discipline of Engraving of the same course, taught by Ana João Romana. Attended the free workshop of the Association of Engravers of Évora between 2002 and 2007 and held several training workshops in engraving techniques.


Windows to the street of blue windows

Orientation of the Workshop Blue Windows - Collective painting project, directed to the participants of the XVI International Circuit of Brazilian Art / Free Course of Preparation to color theorization

2011 14th May, University of Évora, Monsaraz

Interdisciplinary Group on Studies on Pigments and Natural Dyes


2004-2009 University of Évora

Free Course "The Exaltation of Color" and I Meeting on the colors of Alentejo


2007 de 15th February to 28th April, Universidade de Évora, Évora

Natural Dyeing Workshops

Collaborating with Celeste Santos Silva

2007 26th May, Casa da Cerca, Almada Cultural Center
2006 27th May, Núcleo da Mitra, University of Évora

Engraving Initiation Workshop

Collaborating in orientation with Maria José Baptista

2006 from 12th to 14th May, Atelier of the Association of Engravers of Évora, School EB 2,3 André de Resende, Évora

Workshop Color Travels

Program organization

2006 GIEPCN initiative

Natural pigments and dyes

Workshop organiztion

2004 5th March, GIEPCN initiative, University of Évora

Vislumbres do Arco da Vellha

2017 Chiado Editora

Blue Tickets. Uma Selecção/A Selection

2012 Astrofísica, Évora

Do colorido da natureza à tinturaria natural. O contributo das flores

Em A.S. Dias e A.E. Candeias (Coordenadores), Pigmentos e corantes naturais entre as artes e as ciências, pp. 121-135

2007GIEPCN - Grupo Interdisciplinar de Estudos sobre Pigmentos e Corantes Naturais, Universidade de Évora, Évora

Um Pouco de Azul

Em Em A.L. Janeira (Coordenadora), Modos de saber e fazer a cor, pp. 41-54

2007 Apenas Livros Lda, Lisboa